A Look Inside The Mobile Phone Repair Industry

The cellphone repair industry has grown and sped up immensely within the past five years. It is said that the industry revenue is going to rise at a rate of 10-12% between now and 2014. A lot of this growth is due to the increasing affordability of cell phones. More consumers are purchasing them instead of making the decision to … Continue reading

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From Small To Big: How Mobile Is Helping Companies Expand


In today’s digital era, it has become virtually impossible for all businesses to go without some form of mobile technology.  Smartphones and tablet computing have become a staple for staying in the loop of company functions and communications.  If your goal is to run a successful company and grow to new heights, you simply cannot ignore the advantage mobile technology … Continue reading

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8 Popular Mobile Apps Every Salesperson Needs


Forget the Blackberry for your sales and business needs on the move.  Who still uses it I have no clue.  I’m almost certain it’s no longer used.  The smartphone is the new king of the mobile world and now a necessary working tool for every salesperson.  The Android or an iPhone is very useful today because of the type of … Continue reading

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A Primer On Mobile Payment Solutions


The mobile payments industry is now worth billions of dollars, thanks to technological advancement, especially with the major players such as Apple and Google. Though many consumers in Europe and Asia now make payments using their mobile devices, the tool is yet to be fully utilized. Mobile Payment Systems: A Primer “Mobile payment system” is a phrase which applies to … Continue reading

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